Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner - Buying Guide

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner 

The Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner is a popular and efficient automatic pool cleaner designed to effectively clean inground swimming pools. With its reliable performance and user-friendly features, the Hammerhead pool cleaner has gained a reputation in Australia for its ability to keep swimming pool surfaces  sparkling clean. Let's explore some key information about the Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner:

Design and Operation:
The Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner features a robust and durable construction, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. It operates using a unique and powerful hammer-like motion, which helps it maneuver and cover the entire pool surface efficiently. The hammering action dislodges debris, allowing the cleaner to effectively collect dirt, leaves, and other contaminants.

Advanced Features:

The Hammerhead pool cleaner incorporates several advanced features that contribute to its efficiency and ease of use, including:

Oscillator: The cleaner's oscillating movement ensures complete pool coverage and prevents it from getting stuck in corners or on obstacles.

Large Debris Intake: The cleaner has a large intake throat, enabling it to collect both small and medium sized debris without clogging.
Adjustable Skirt: The Hammerhead comes with an adjustable skirt, allowing it to maintain optimal suction on different pool surfaces, including tiles, vinyl, and concrete.

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Parts

Easy Maintenance: The cleaner's one-moving-part technology minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, making it a convenient choice for pool owners.

Installation and Compatibility:
The Onga hammerhead pool cleaner is designed for simple installation. It connects to the pool's filtration system or skimmer box, utilizing the existing pool pump to power its operation. The Hammerhead is compatible with a wide range of pool systems, making it suitable for most residential pools.

Cleaning Performance:
The Onga hammerhead pool cleaner is highly efficient in capturing various types of debris, including leaves, dirt, bugs, and twigs. Its powerful suction and hammering action ensure thorough cleaning, leaving your pool water clear and pristine. It operates quietly, minimizing disturbance while cleaning.

Maintenance and Durability:
The Hammerhead pool cleaner is engineered with durability in mind, with minimal moving parts and a rugged build. Regular maintenance involves simply cleaning the cleaner's filter bag and inspecting the unit for any debris or blockages. The durable design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Onga Hammerhead Specifications:- 

Pool Cleaner Type - Suction cleaner
Drive Technology - Oscillator
Debris Size - Small to medium sized debris.
Debris Volume - Small to medium volume of debris. 
Pool Types - Suitable for most inground pool shapes.
Pool Surfaces - Suitable for pebblecrete, concrete and fibreglass pool surfaces. 

Availability and Pricing:-

Availability - The Onga hammerhead pool cleaner is available through authorised pool equipment retailers, online stores, and pool supply websites. Prices may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Price - The price is widely available online the price range for this pool cleaner online is $365.00 - $445.00 AUD Inc GST and delivery

Variations Available:- 

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner - Head OnlyOnga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Price Comparison

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Complete

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Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner with Inline Leaf canister

Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Brisbane

Value for money - The Onga hammerhead pool cleaner complete is great value for money. Similar style pool cleaner from reputable supplies usually only have a 2 year warranty for a higher price point. 

    Warranty: The Onga hammerhead has a 3 year warranty which covers manufacture default. This warranty does not cover wearing parts (which have 1 year warranty) 

    Wearing Parts list - Wearing Sole, Skirt and Bumper Fins.

     Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner Parts

    Pro's of Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner:

    • Efficient cleaning
    • Easy installation
    • Durable construction
    • Large debris intake
    • Very effective on pebblecrete pool surfaces
    • Ouite operation
    • 3 Year warranty (1 year warranty on wearing parts) 

    Con's of Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner:

    • Requires pool pump to run
    • Not suitable for large debris
    • Not suitable for large volumes of debris
    • Not suitable for tiled pool surfaces. 

    Customer Satisfaction and Reviews:
    The Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner has received positive feedback from customers for its efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Many pool owners appreciate its effective cleaning capabilities, hassle-free installation, and minimal maintenance requirements.

    Product Rating:- - 4 Stars (from 147 reviews) - 2.5 Stars (from 2 reviews)

    After Sales support:-

    Pentair / Onga have exceptional after sales support with a large array of warranty dealers around Australia.  

    The Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner is a great value reliable and efficient automatic pool cleaning solution that offers effective debris removal and hassle-free operation. With its durable construction, advanced features, and excellent cleaning performance, the Hammerhead is a popular choice among inground pool owners with a pebblecrete pool surface looking to maintain a clean and inviting swimming pool. Consider researching and comparing prices from reputable retailers to find the best deal on the Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner for your pool maintenance needs.


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